About Us

David Lindsay Self Storage

David Lindsay

David has worked for the company for 30 years & is passionate about his business & ensuring customers leave having had a good experience.

He is a Past President of the rotary club of Perth & has 2 children.

Suzanne Dickson

Suzanne is David’s sister & has worked for the family company for 15 years. She has an in depth knowledge of the storage industry & greatly helps customers decide the correct size of unit to suit their requirements. She tries to ensure our customers’ experience with storage is as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Why DLP?

In April 1945 David & Marion Lindsay formed a business, David Lindsay (Potato Merchants) Ltd., in order that David could buy & sell seed potatoes, from a phone, in their living room, at 38 Fairies Road, Perth. The business grew & as well as trading potatoes, David started growing seed potatoes.

DLP Tonne bagsThirteen years later their son Hendry joined the business. By this time several thousand tonnes of seed potatoes were being despatched from Perth to farmer customers in England, all in one hundredweight hessian sacks from the Dundee jute mills. Every bag was branded with the company logo, a circle with the letters DLP, denoting they came from - David Lindsay Perth. Hendry worked for the company for his whole career, & in 1989 his son, also David, grandson of the founders, started working in the family business.

Times change & by the early 2000s, albeit seed potatoes were now being despatched in one tonne bags (pictured), David & his Father could see that being solely seed potato growers & merchants was not going to be a viable future for the family firm. Being owners of large warehouses, for potato storage, they quietly dipped their toe into the storage market.

They were intrigued by self storage in Canada & the U.S. & decided that Perth was ready to have this exact style of self storage, whereby customers could drive to the door of their room, 7 days per week, both day & night.

As an acknowledgment to his forebears & the many wonderful employees who worked for the company since 1945, David was keen that our storage logo must incorporate the DLP roundel, in identical font, to the one which was on the front of seed potato bags for over 60 years.