Domestic Storage

We can provide storage for a few boxes, or for the entire contents of your home.

When it comes to domestic self storage we can provide storage for a few boxes, or for the entire contents of your home.

You can store practically anything regardless of size, from beds to barbeques, cars to clothes, motorbikes to microwaves, Granny’s furniture, indeed anything at all as long as it’s not illegal, flammable or perishable!

Ramps are made available for vehicle storage.

All stored items must be insured.
We can easily arrange insurance for your goods whilst in store at an extremely competitive rate. It is not mandatory to take insurance from us, but we believe our Insurer’s policy offers both a good level of cover & good value for money.

We offer a range of boxes, bubble wrap, tape and other items required for packing up your home. We also offer a ‘move in trailer service’ in Perth & Auchterarder. We can give you bespoke racking. The property experts tell us that a de – cluttered home is easier to sell, as it creates the feeling of space. Why not use our rooms for storing excess furniture, children’s toys, or anything else you don’t use regularly – remember our 24/7 access means you can always retrieve anything you do require at any time.

When your new house is sold it is easy to move to a bigger unit to hold the full contents of your house until you are ready for your new home. When an entry date & vacation date in a property do not coincide, storage can be used until you are ready to move in.

Unlike most storage our units are all at ground level and the customer drives to the door of their own unit to load or unload and drive away again.

Are you in the process of downsizing, and can’t fit all your possessions into your new home? Do you want to keep them for sentimental reasons, or for your children? If so then storing with us couldn’t be easier and cost effective for you.

Home improvements
Many of our customers are building an extension or doing a loft conversion, Rather than getting all their possessions dusty, they move them into David Lindsay Self Storage where they can always gain access to their belongings should they require them.

Do you need more space?
If your garage is full, or the spare room no longer resembles a bedroom, clearing your possessions into our sites can give you the space you require without the cost and inconvenience of building or moving home.

Choose your location & complete a contact form & we’ll help you as much as we can.