Packing for long term or short term self storage

Whether you are packing for long term or short term self storage, you will want to know all your possessions are wrapped and packed securely.

Storage Tips:
Use good quality storage boxes, we sell double board packing boxes and wardrobe boxes
Fill boxes to capacity to prevent them collapsing
Label or number your boxes for reference purposes. This will make moving to your move home much easier.
Make an inventory of your stored items
Plan your storage carefully and leave things you may require at the front for easy access.
Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in bubble wrap prior to storing.
Garden equipment should be cleaned thoroughly prior to storing.
Wrap table legs in bubble wrap to prevent scratching
Use wardrobe boxes to allow you to store your clothes on hangers which allows them to keep their shape. It also makes transferring your clothes so much easier when you move.
Do not place heavy items on top of sofas or mattresses
Always cover your mattresses and sofas with a protective cover.
Leave fridge and freezer doors open for ventilation.
Avoid leaning furniture on the walls of the unit to allow the air to circulate.

A full range of packing materials are available at our site shop in Perth.

Dust cover - Single Mattress Cover (2184x1010x356mm)
Dust cover - Double Mattress Cover (2210x1732x356mm)
Dust cover - King Size Mattress Cover (2286x1930x356mm)
Dust cover - Sofa Cover (3810x1143mm)
Dust cover - Armchair Cover(1930x1168mm)
Bubblewrap - Bubblewrap 5m x 750mm,50m x 750mm,100m x 750 mm
Storage box - S50 Litre Plastic Storage Box with Lid
Storage box - Wardrobe Boxes (457x508x1245mm))
Packing Boxes small - 480x340x300mm Medium - 580x400x360mm Large - 490x580x350mm
Packing tape - Packing Tape
Padlock - Padlock MP70
Padlock - Squire Padlocks DCI 1